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Current project: Mila

PROVE Lab's Endurance Car Project is developing a fully electric long-range sports car that will drive 1000+ miles on a single charge, aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled on a single charge. 

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Create a sustainable future

We believe that alternative energy is the future of automotive vehicles and that the students of today will pave that future. We are a team of students that want to get familiar with the unique capabilities and difficulties that come with non-traditional fuel sources and expand our own knowledge so we can go out into industry and bring this perspective with us. 

Break world records

We set breaking records as our goal because people think it's crazy, it seems scary, and it pushes us to our absolute limits in terms of our ingenuity and engineering skill. We set intimidating goals for our projects to show others that sustainable energy is not a limitation for automotive vehicle development and advancement, rather it is the future.


What we do

Cal Poly’s Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab) is a student-run non-profit organization that strives to solve real-world issues by pushing the boundaries of engineering. The organization was founded by a group of students with the intention to demonstrate the potential of sustainable transportation and ultimately design and manufacture vehicles that break records and gain widespread recognition. 

Our Projects


A high-speed solar-powered vehicle and our first project under PROVE 


A long-range all-electric vehicle that will go over 1000 miles in a single charge


The team

PROVE hopes to foster a welcoming community, allowing  a diverse set of students to collaboratively tackle meaningful challenges.

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