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PROVE's origins

PROVE Lab was started by a handful of students who saw the potential to do more with alternative energy. They wanted to be a part of something that had not been done before at Cal Poly and to accomplish something that had not been done in the world. With the flagship project, Dawn, they inspired more students to embark on prototyping their own vehicles to accomplish something amazing. With the second project, Mila, well on her way to breaking her own record, it is clear to see that the spirit that encouraged students to begin to PROVE will continue on. 

United in passion

Members of PROVE lab are diverse in area of study, background, and interests. While some of our members are passionate about the automotive industry, most have passions that extend far beyond it or even the projects they are working on. The one unifying feature of our members is a strong desire to tackle meaningful challenges in pursuit of seeing an innovative concept brought to reality.


13    Mechanical

7      High Voltage

9      Low Voltage

6      Business

8      Aeroshell

3      Manufacturing & Integration

2      Program Management


15      Mechanical engineering

10    Aerospace engineering

10      Electrical engineering

4      Computer science

3      Materials engineering

2      Computer engineering

1      Political science

1      Graphic communication

1      Business

1      Industrial engineering


3      1st year

9      2nd year

15    3rd year

5      4th year

1      5th year

Demographics at a Glance


I’ve learned that there are lots of different ways to help the team, and that you don’t have to be a master of everything to be successful

Joe J.


I like the technical, hands-on work and struggling through welding, grinding and fitting it all together with my teammates

Grace G.

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