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Making range anxiety a thing of the past


The Endurance Car Project is a fully electric, long-range sports car that will travel over 1000 miles on a single charge, breaking the Guinness World Record and pushing boundaries to address the issue of range anxiety in the electric vehicle industry.

The student team will design, manufacture, integrate, and test the fully functional vehicle from the ground up, making full use of skills learned both inside and outside the classroom.

To create our prototype vehicle, our team of students solves unique problems using radically new designs. Through our project, we work with industry leaders to push the limits of today’s technology and promote a cleaner future for the automotive industry, while providing life-changing opportunities for Cal Poly students.

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Electronics and Mechanics 

Mila will be powered by an impressive battery pack comprising over 7,000 lithium-ion cells, which occupy a significant portion of the car's volume. Providing a sturdy foundation is a steel space frame chassis, designed to accommodate and protect both the driver and passenger. Bridging the gap between the chassis and the tires are student-designed mechanical systems, including a hydraulic disk brake system, rack and pinion steering system, and MacPherson and double-wishbone suspension systems. Behind the wheel, the driver will have full control over the car and be able to monitor its essential information through the implementation of the car's Control Area Network (CAN) protocol. The vehicle will be enclosed in a distinctive carbon fiber aerodynamic body, carefully designed and made using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to enhance the vehicle's performance.

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