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PROVE's origins


PROVE Lab was started by a handful of students who saw the potential to do more with alternative energy. They wanted to pioneer projects at Cal Poly and accomplish something that had not been done before anywhere else in the world. With the flagship project, Dawn, they inspired more students to embark on prototyping their own vehicles to accomplish something amazing. With the second project, Mila, well on her way to breaking her own record, it is clear that the spirit of innovation at PROVE will continue on.

United in Passion


Members of PROVE lab are diverse in areas of study, background, and interests. While some of our members are passionate about the automotive industry, most have passions that extend far beyond the projects they are working on. Our team is brought together by a shared passion for confronting significant issues, driven by a determination to bring visionary concepts into reality. 

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Student Team 

Student Led - Freed from restrictive competition rules, our team can define our projects’ goals to be uniquely our own. All aspects of project development are coordinated by students, from detailed technical designs and system engineering to sponsor acquisition and team management. 

Meaningful work from day 1 - Every member of PROVE is given the opportunity to excel, regardless of their experience, major, or background. The personal growth and development of our team's technical and soft skills is our top priority, and we ensure every member at PROVE Lab is given real responsibilities that align with their interests.  

Professional environment - Personal development lies at the heart of all PROVE Lab projects. We work hard to ensure that every single member of our team gains experience presenting their work, giving, and receiving feedback, networking, collaborating, making critical decisions, and taking initiative.

Unique Projects 

Impactful Projects — Our vehicles aren't just built to break world records. We strive to make a profound impact and challenge the status quo through innovative engineering driven by ambitious goals.  


From the ground up — We start every one of our projects from scratch. Students blaze their own trails as they learn the ins and outs of both technical engineering and business management across a full project's life cycle.  


Sustainability Focused — Through using alternative energy in our vehicles, PROVE Lab hopes to demonstrate the viability of clean energy and help pave the way for a renewable energy future.  

Learn by Doing   

People wear many hats – Comprised of many complex interdependent challenges, our projects allow our students to branch out across multiple disciplines to become better multifaceted young professionals. Practicing this enables our team to adopt enriched perspectives when facing unexpected setbacks and changes as well as develop their adaptability in dynamic environments. 


Unique problems require unique solutions - reaking world records require innovating new solutions to design problems. Oftentimes this pursuit pushes our team outside of our comfort zone and beyond our bubble of knowledge, with occasionally mixed results. At PROVE lab we encourage a culture of growth, where the instructional value of failure is used to propel our projects forward and gain individual insight. 

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